Event Funding

GPSC IS NOW ACCEPTING EVENT FUNDING APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2018-2019 ACADEMIC SCHOOL YEAR!! Please email gpsc@siu.edu if you have any questions at this time. Since event funding is limited, GPSC does encourage your organization to request funding early in the Fall of 2018…the earlier the better!!

Event Funding Request Form
Please note the following before completing this application:

  • This form must be completed by the listed Registered Student Organization (RSO) Financial Officer.
  • Requests will not be considered without a stamp of approval from the Student Life Office indicating the organization is in good financial and judicial standing with the university.
  • Funding will not be considered unless the request is received at least one month in advance of the date of the event, during the academic school year. All event funding is voted on by our complete council, so see meeting dates to help plan in advance.
  • Each line item for which an organization is requesting funding should have adequate documentation of proof of costs.
  • No items should be bought or contracts entered before GPSC has approved and transferred allocated funds in to your organization’s account.
  • The Vice President of Administrative Affairs will contact a member of the organization informing them of their scheduled meeting time with the Fee Allocation Board. (The Fee Allocation Boards every 2 weeks prior to the general council meeting).
  • If a representative from the organization is not present at the meeting, the funding request will no longer be considered at that time, and the event application must be resubmitted or it will not be eligible for funding.
  • Questions concerning funding should be directed to Dianah McGreehan, Vice President of Administrative Affairs at gpsc@siu.edu.

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