GPSC Updates Re: Coronavirus / COVID-19

Stay Up-to-Date on SIU Carbondale’s Coronavirus Developments
SIU Carbondale Coronavirus Website:
SIU Carbondale Campus Messages: Information is subject to change due to the rapidly changing situation. Please revisit this site regularly.

If the FAQs provided on SIU Carbondale’s response to COVID website do not address your question(s), you may submit additional questions to

GPSC Updates Re: to Coronavirus / COVID-19 Developments

GPSC Office and Reaching GPSC Personnel
Our office, located in the Student Center Building, is closed until further notice – as is the Student Center Building. We do not yet know when the building and our office may again be open. GPSC’s officers are still available: please reach us via email You may also reach GPSC on one of our social media pages: our new Facebook Page (, our Facebook Group (, and/or on our Twitter ( We will do all we can to keep in contact with you and be responsive to your inquiries during is challenging time.

Council Meetings for Spring 2020
As of March 19, 2020, and until further notice: all GPSC meetings (Council Meetings page) will be conducted through Zoom (GPSC’s Zoom Meetings Information). Our Council meetings are live-streamed, however, and you may watch in real-time or anytime after on YouTube (GPSC’s AY1920 Council Meetings YouTube Playlist). If you wish to participate in one of our remaining meetings, you may do so by joining the meeting via Zoom – to make a request to join and participate contact the GPSC President (

Fee Allocation Board Programing Update
For the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, our Fee Allocation Board and the GPSC will not be processing any additional Registered Student Organization Event Funding requests (please consult SIUC policy for on-campus events and limits on meeting sizes at Fund transfers for requests already approved by the Fee Allocation Board and the Council will be honored.

If you have any questions about a pending approval and/or transfer of funds, please contact us at If you are an officer of an RSO that was awarded funds from the GPSC and are now unable to put the awarded funds to their intended use (e.g. event canceled), GPSC encourages you to contact us on how best to handle these funds; again, contact us via email at

Career Development Reimbursement Awards (CDRAs)
GPSC will continue to receive, process, and award reimbursements for qualified student expenses through our Career Development Reimbursement Awards program. We are aware many conferences are being canceled or postponed in light of restrictions and limitations associated with COVID-19. However, we are also aware this does prevent students from having expenses associated with these canceled or otherwise postponed conferences / meetings – expenses students have paid and have no means to recuperating. In turn:

  • All qualifying applications received prior to March 9, 2020 are either currently processed and awaiting distribution of funds or have received GPSC approval and are in processing for payment. GPSC does not ask students to provide any additional assurance as to these applications. You should have received notice as to the status of your application (i.e. approved or request for more information). If approved, the funds should be on their way. However, please be patient: this process will take longer than usual right now.
  • Regarding applications for expenses associated with anticipated travel after March 11, 2020 and submitted after March 9, 2020: we welcome your application for reimbursements of costs associated with qualifying expenses. While w recognize some costs students have paid will not otherwise be refunded, reimbursed, or recovered (e.g. plane tickets, registration fees, hotel reservations) and we intend to provide awards for qualifying expenses (even in cases the corresponding event, meeting, or conference has been canceled). However, please understand, with the limitations and requirements currently in place (e.g. stay-at-home order, approval from appropriate vice chancellor, etc.), GPSC and the university will require additional time in processing, approving, and distributing your funds. Please be patient.

To submit an applications for GPSC’s Career Development Reimbursement Awards, please visit our application page and download the PDF of the application cover-sheet.

Until further notice may only be submitted via email: If you have any questions, please contact us via email ( or on Facebook: Graduate and Professional Student Council of SIU Carbondale – @GPSCSIU.

GPSC Annual Awards
GPSC is continuing with our Research, Teaching, and Service Awards programs. We have extended the deadlines for each to Sunday April 19 by Midnight. Information on the application requirements, materials to submit, and submission procedures, please visit each award program’s respective webpage:
Research Awards –
Teaching Awards –
Service Awards –

Elections for 2020-2021 GPSC Officers and Graduate Council Representatives
GPSC will hold its annual elections for GPSC Officers and student representatives to Graduate Council during our April 14 meeting. Candidate nominations took place during GPSC’s March 3 and March 24 Council meetings (meeting records and recording available via Council Meetings page). GPSC’s Election Commission has provided notice of those persons nominated and qualified for ballots here: 2020 Candidates for 2020-2021 GPSC Positions. GPSC’s Election Commission has also provided the list of GPSC members eligible to cast votes in the April 14 elections here: Eligible Voters for April 14, 2020 Elections.

Regulations, rules, and procedures for GPSC’s elections are available for review in our Constitution and By-Laws, Article III, Section 3.5. Any questions and/or challenges relating to these elections’ proceedings should be submitted via email to the Commissioner, Clay Awsumb, of GPSC’s Election Commission:

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Updated: March 27, 2020.