2014 GPSC Research Award Winners

There were a tremendous amount of quality applications turned in and the decisions were tough. We thank all who applied and we congratulate the following recipients.

Alessandra Araujo

David Burkart

Trent Cameron

Charleve Carey

Jake Crandal

Anushka Dikshit

Benjamin Dory

Aniruddha Ghosh

Emi Hayashi

Jennifer Hewerdine

Kevin Horn

Savannah Howe

Patrick Hunn

Emily Isgur

Jessica Jolly

Jyoti Kapali

Chintia Kirana

Lucas Kirschman

Tim Knudson

Brandon LaBumbard

Chuangjun Liu

Josiah Maine

George Manning

Jaci McDole

Carlos Medina

Mohammed Abdulridha Merzah

Ann Munch

Natalie Nash

Jenny Paul

Severin Presswood

Shivakumar Rajamanickam

Artur Rombenso

Kristin Rosche

Julie Smirl

Genna Stodden

Ashley Suiter

Kevin Taylor

Jillian Thompson

Michelle Wood

Meiling Zhang


Research Awards; Call for Applications

GPSC is proud to announce that we will be awarding research awards again in the amount of $250 for graduate and professional students. See the attachment for details!

The deadline for applying is March 1st.


UPDATE:  We are pleased to share that we will now be able to grant 40 research awards thanks to the assistance of the Office of the Chancellor.

GPSC Service Award Winners

The Selection Committee met and has determined the winners of the GPSC Service Award.  The distinguished recipients are:

- Joshua Phillips

- Veronika Jones

- Joanne Crawford

- Benny LeMaster

- Makayla Bonney

Thank you to all of the many qualified applicants, and congratulations to the accomplished recipients!

GPSC Service Awards Announced

Graduate and Professional Student Council call for applications for the:

Inaugural GPSC Service Awards

The Graduate and Professional Student Council will be giving 5 awards to recognize outstanding leadership, outstanding service to the campus, outstanding service to the community and outstanding teaching. Award recipients will receive a plaque as well as a $500 prize.

GPSC will recognize and reward leadership, service and teaching among graduate students. Consideration will be given to those that exemplify any of the following:

- Leadership
Exceptional engagement, participation, and involvement
Inspirational character, motivating and encouraging campus and community service, participation and cooperative leadership
Leadership potential after graduation from SIUC
- Campus Service
Commitment to campus service at SIU
Track record of accomplishments related to serving the SIU campus and community
- Community Service
Special interest in Carbondale specifically, and/or the region of southern Illinois
Track record of community service and accomplishment in Carbondale and/or the region of southern Illinois
- Teaching
Track record of high quality teaching at the college/university academic level
Demonstrable accomplishments specifically related to teaching in academic discipline
- Research
Track record of high quality research and scholarly accomplishment during their time as a graduate or professional student at SIU
Research and publication potential after graduation from SIU
- Artistic Achievement
Track record of novel, creative, and innovative concepts during their time as a graduate or professional student at SIU
Demonstrated planning and implementation of an artistic accomplishment

Please submit supporting materials to gpsc@siu.edu no later than 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 6th. Supporting materials include a one-page personal statement that details the candidate’s qualification for a GPSC Service Award, a Curriculum Vita, and one letter of recommendation.

2013 GPSC Research Award Winners

There were a tremendous amount of quality applications turned in and the decisions were tough. We thank all who applied and we congratulate the following recipients.

Abigail Kennedy
Amanda Duckwall
Angela Jackson
Arjun Shekar Sadahalli
Arthur Mingo
Beth Spezia
Bill Man
Bo Zhu
Brian Stone
Carlin Fenn
Cayla Johnson
Chelsea Griffith
Chintia Kirana
Chris Clemons
Darlyshia Cherry
David Birnbaum
EiEi Hlaing
Ember Keller
Feng Yu
Fred Truus
Gloria Pindi Nziba
Hapsah Md Yusof
Jared Shelton
Jenny Paul
Jesse Berlin Bryan Estes
Jessica Jolly
Jing Li
Jodi Nurenberger
Joeseph Cheang
Joshua Rucinski
Joshua Wellborn
Kelly Caringer
Kristin Olson
LaCharles Ward
Laura Baird
Levi Jost
Lexi Brown
Lucien Meadows
Mallory Lindberg
Matt Foy
Matthew Williams
Micah Bennett
Mruvil Abooj
Nabisah Ibrahim
Narayanan Ramachandran
Nathan Rice
Nishanth Visagaratnam
Siti Zakiah Abu Bakar
Sohana Manzoor
Stephanie Jarvis
Thomas Campbell
Travis Pour
Trey Beckerman
Vien Cao
Vladislova Petrova
William Baird
Yang Yang
Yuki Tanaka
Yurino Kawashima

2013 Graduate Research Awards

Due to the overwhelming number of applications, the announcement date for recipients of 2013 Graduate Research Awards has been pushed back until March 22. Thank you to all who applied and thank you for your patience.

Professional Development (Travel Support) Instructions

GPSC guarantees to reimburse currently enrolled graduate and professional students $75 for attending a conference and $150 for presenting. (Up to a maximum of $150 per fiscal year and subject to available budgeted funds). But, there are other funding sources available and this is where the forms get a little tricky. Dealing with all of this different entities is difficult, but essentially there are two steps you need to take

1) See if anyone else is willing to give you money. This is done BEFORE you travel and doesn’t involve GPSC (We guarantee to fund you, see above). This is called a Request for Travel Support form. It is prepared and sent along first to your Chair, your Dean and the Grad School.

It is available through OSPA’s website.http://ospa.siu.edu/forms/index.html

N.B. Once this form is filled out you only need to give it to your chair, it will be automatically routed along to the others afterwards. Also, some departmental secretaries will fill these out for you, some won’t, ask nicely.


2) After you travel you have to claim all the money guaranteed to you from The Request For Travel Support form you previously sent around. It will not come to you if you don’t fill out this second form! For this second step, you need to fill out a Travel Expense Voucher. This is available from Procurement Services at the link below. Fill this out. You put under Distribution Information on page 2 all of the people who’ve guaranteed money and then at the bottom under BP put GPSC and the amount ($75 if you’re just attending/$150 if you’re presenting). Send it off to the first person on your list and it will automatically be routed along the chain to everyone on the list, ending with GPSC.


Now, if you’ve attended a conference and just want to be funded by GPSC, simply fill out the Travel Expense Form from step 2 and only put our name on it and deliver it to the GPSC office in the student center.


Peter Lucas

Vice President of Administrative Affairs

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