SIU Student Health Initiative


The SIU Student Health Initiative (SHI) is a public education and policy initiative dedicated to implementing the recommendations of the Student Insurance Task Force and to bringing the student insurance plan into full compliance with the Affordable Care Act of 2010. The SHI is organized by the students of Southern Illinois Carbondale — undergraduate and graduate, traditional and non-traditional, on-campus and commuter. Sign the SHI petition and check us out on Facebook!

During the fall of 2014, both the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) passed resolutions calling on the Board of Trustees to bring ACA compliant healthcare to the students of SIU.  These resoluations can be found here: USG Resolution & GPSC Resolution.

Read a USG-GPSC Joint Letter to the Board of Trustees from July 22, and see the Student Health Initiative on WSIL-Channel 3 on July 14, 2014.

Check out these resources:
(1) SHI Position Statement
(2) SHI Benefit Comparison
(3) SHI Fact Sheet
(4) SHI Comparing Area University Health Insurance
(5) SHI Stories from Students


Next week GPSC will have a copy of the STUDENT TRUSTEE 2014 SPECIAL ELECTION RULES AND PROCEDURES packet for those who are interested.


August 18, 19, & 20 = Advertise Availability of Petitions

August 18 = Petitions Available for Student Trustee

August 25 = Petitions Due to the DOS Office at 12 noon

August 25 = MANDATORY Candidate Meeting, 5:00 p.m.

August 26 = Campaigning Begins

August 27 = Candidate Debate

September 1 = Labor Day/No Classes

September 3 & 4 = Elections

September 10 & 11 = September Board Meeting = Edwardsville

2014-’15 GPSC Officers and elected representatives

After a long election night, your new GPSC elected officers are:

Matt Ryg – President
Patrick Hunn – Vice President for Administrative Affairs
Amanda Barnard – Vice President for Graduate School Affairs

Graduate Council Representatives
Amber Gregory
Natalie Nash
Kevin Taylor
Jeremiah Unkefer

2014 GPSC Research Award Winners

There were a tremendous amount of quality applications turned in and the decisions were tough. We thank all who applied and we congratulate the following recipients.

Alessandra Araujo, David Burkart, Trent Cameron, Charleve Carey, Jake Crandal, Anushka Dikshit, Benjamin Dory, Aniruddha Ghosh, Emi Hayashi, Jennifer Hewerdine, Kevin Horn, Savannah Howe, Patrick Hunn, Emily Isgur, Jessica Jolly, Jyoti Kapali, Chintia Kirana, Lucas Kirschman, Tim Knudson, Brandon LaBumbard, Chuangjun Liu, Josiah Maine, George Manning, Jaci McDole, Carlos Medina, Mohammed Abdulridha Merzah, Ann Munch, Natalie Nash, Jenny Paul, Severin Presswood, Shivakumar Rajamanickam, Artur Rombenso, Kristin Rosche, Julie Smirl, Genna Stodden, Ashley Suiter, Kevin Taylor, Jillian Thompson, Michelle Wood,
and Meiling Zhang.

Graduate and Professional Student Council

The Graduate and Professional Student Council solicits opinions from its constituency, discusses, and takes positions on such issues as graduate assistantships, fee increases, grievance procedures, campus safety and other matters of relevance to graduate students. The GPSC President and Executive Board communicate constituency concerns to the campus administration and the Board of Trustees. The Council also serves as a resource for graduate and professional students regarding various university services.

  • The GPSC constituency consists of all part and full-time graduate and professional students who are enrolled in course work during the current semester.
  • There are more than 5,500 graduate and professional students enrolled in approximately 85 academic programs are represented by the Graduate and Professional Student Council.