Career Development Reimbursement Form


Each year, GPSC reserves a significant portion of its budget for Graduate and Professional Student Career Development. Graduate Students and Professional Students (i.e. Law Students) are eligible for up to $150 per fiscal year. (Please note that GPSC does not offer travel funding for undergraduate students).

Graduate and Professional students may claim $75 in reimbursement for simply attending a conference OR $150 for presenting at a conference. If a student claims the $75 reimbursement for attendance, they still have $75 in remaining eligibility for the fiscal year and may claim the remaining $75 for attendance at a separate conference. If a student claims $150 for presenting, they must also include proof of their presentation acceptance (e.g. email, program) and will not be eligible to receive any additional funding toward career development for the remaining fiscal year.

Applicants may apply for the GPSC Career Development Reimbursement Award during the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) while funding is available. GPSC prioritizes applications based on the date the completed paperwork is received. GPSC is provided a limited amount of resources toward career development support. GPSC does accept applications prior to attending conferences to encourage students submit their applications early. **Note that required proof of registration (and proof of presentation acceptance) must be included to have your funding request approved. Click link below to download the application.

Career Development Reimbursement Award Download

If you cannot remember if you have already received funding for this academic year please see the running list and remaining funding that is available HERE.

Applications can be emailed to or dropped off to the GPSC offices on the third floor of the student center and placed in the mail box of Dianah McGreehan. Once your application is received and processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

PLEASE NOTE- GPSC WILL NOT ACCEPT OR SIGN DEPARTMENTAL TRAVEL VOUCHERS. Graduate and Professional Students MUST process their request using the GPSC application. GPSC has a separate fiscal account that funding is processed through. If Departmental Travel Vouchers are received, these documents will be immediately returned as to not slow down the department funding process for the student.