SURVEY: Graduate and Professional Students Do Not Attend Student Programming Council Events

Last semester, the Fee Allocation Board (FAB) of the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) conducted a survey to measure graduate and professional student’s participation in campus activities. In addition, the survey asked graduate and professional students whether more resources should be allocated to GPSC to support events and programming targeted to graduate and professional students.
“We want to thank the 294 graduate and professional students who took part in our first survey,” said Willie Lyles, III, Vice President for Administrative Affairs and Chair of the FAB for GPSC. “GPSC made this issue a top priority at the beginning of the year and this survey is proof of progress,” said Brandon Woudenburg, President of GPSC. “This survey informs what we already knew. Graduate and professional students are not participating in activities sponsored by the Student Programming Council (SPC) and don’t feel included in such programming,” said Lyles.
Students were asked, “Would you say non-educational school events are more for undergraduate students?” 82% of respondents answered yes. Only 17.24% answered no. When asked which events student center events and activities do graduate and professional students regularly attend a plurality stated “I do not attend student center events or activities” (43.82%). The “Sunset Concert Series” was the second top vote getter at 33.92%. Movie night came in third, 24.03%.
Graduate and professional students generally attend departmental events or lectures, 42.76% and 18.28% respectively. These students attend aforementioned programming because it helps to advance their academic and/or professional pursuits. (see Question 10)
“A majority of students who took the survey were either somewhat or very dissatisfied with how student activity fees are spent. We found strong support for a greater portion of student activity fees being allocated to GPSC to support conferences, guest lectures, and the like,” said Lyles. Almost 90% of students who took the survey wanted a reallocation of the student activity fee for programming they attend.
“Graduate and professional students are very engaged on campus through their participation in student clubs or organizations. GPSC supports the events of graduate and professional students but our ability to do so has been constrained by the decrease in enrollment. We currently have $1,800 to fund such events for the rest of the year. A reallocation of the student activity fee to GPSC would allow us to do more for our constituency. This is the message we intend to take to Administration,” said Lyles.
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By the Numbers

  • The student activity fee is currently $46.48.
  • SPC receives 17.21% of the fee.
  • Campus safety, child care operations, and fine arts receive a combined 42.77% of the fee.
  • $18.60 goes to support GPSC, USG, and support staff. Out of this, GPSC receives 20.5% based on the number of graduate and professional students paying fees.