Spring 2020 Meetings via Zoom

In response to the inability of our Council to meet in person and/or hold public meetings on the SIU Carbondale campus, the GPSC is convening and conducting regularly scheduled March and April 2020 Council meetings through the web-conferencing software “Zoom” — information on Zoom is available from SIUC’s Center for Teaching Excellence and on Zoom’s own website.

These Zoom meetings are simultaneously being streamed to GPSC’s YouTube account, where you may find recordings of all our past, current, and future Council meetings.

If you wish to participate (e.g. make an address from the floor as a public participant in the meeting, join the GPSC as a new Program Representative), you may contact one of our officers via email (gpsc@siu.edu) and will be provided the invitation link and permissions to join the meeting on Zoom.