RSO Guidelines

 New Graduate Student Organization Registration

The following steps to form a new Graduate RSO have been adapted from the guidelines provided by Student Involvement:

1. Confirm with the Office of Student Involvement whether or not the proposed organization can be formed (has not existed in the past or does not already exist on campus). If the RSO has existed in the past, the prospective organization may skip steps 2-5 with the exception that the previous constitution be amended to include the requirement listed in 4.a.

2. Create a “Petition to Organize.” This document should contain the names, email addresses, and Dawg Tags of at least 10 SIU graduate students, if the prospective organization is intended for graduate students along, or graduate and undergraduate students, if the organization serves both communities, interested in joining the organization.

3. Contact a full time faculty or staff member to be your advisor. Graduate Assistants CANNOT be listed as an RSO’s advisor. The information of the advisor must be listed on the petition.

4. Create an organization constitution. A sample constitution is listed on the Office of Student Involvement’s website. Upload the constitution to OrgSync.
a. Graduate RSOs must include in their constitution the designation of a   representative to attend monthly Graduate and Professional Student Council meetings. This designee must follow the requirements of representatives to GPSC as outlined on the GPSC webpage.

5. Register your proposed organization on OrgSync. You will need to select “Student Involvement” as your umbrella. If you would like more detailed instructions regarding this process please visit the Student Involvement office. Once the above steps have been completed, the prospective organization must schedule a meeting with a member of the Student Involvement staff to discuss making the organization an RSO.

The primary officer, scheduling officer and financial officer must be in attendance at this meeting. During this meeting, the following will be discussed:
A. Resources available for Graduate RSOs.
B. Responsibilities and benefits of being a Graduate RSO.
After your meeting, if your organization has met the requirements to be a Graduate RSO, the staff will forward your organization’s registration information on to the GPSC
Executive Board who will respond, in writing, within a week as to their decision concerning the approval of the prospective RSO.

  – Should the Executive Board require additional information concerning the proposed RSO, the Executive Board will schedule a meeting with the proposed RSO prior to the next scheduled GPSC full body meeting, to clarify concerns regarding the proposed RSO.
Should the Executive Board have no concerns regarding the proposed RSO, the Executive Board will submit its decision to the full body of the Graduate and Professional Student Council for approval.
Registered Student Organizations that serve both Graduate and Undergraduate student bodies must seek approval from both governing bodies. Failure to receive approval from one body will result in the classification of that organization as solely serving Undergraduate or Graduate student bodies.

Additional Graduate RSO requirements:

The Graduate and Professional Student Council provides event funding only. Graduate RSOs seeking this funding must follow the funding guidelines as listed on the GPSC website.
If a Graduate RSO seeks funding from Undergraduate Student Government, the organization must follow all guidelines set forth by Undergraduate Student Government.
Graduate RSOs must provide GPSC with a copy of their constitution, if updated, and an updated officer list, including their GPSC designee, prior to the first full body meeting of GPSC in the spring.
Graduate RSO approval during the summer semester rests with the President and Vice President for Graduate School Affairs.