GPSC Service Awards

The Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) wishes to recognize, honor, and celebrate the efforts and contributions of those whose work supports, advances, and/or demonstrates exemplary commitment to the graduate and professional students of SIUC and the missions of GPSC and SIUC. In turn, every spring we ask members of the SIU community to submit nominations for those whose service they feel is deserving of either our Distinguished Service Award and/or Outstanding Service AwardNomination Form.

Distinguished Service Awards: recognize, honor, and express gratitude for those persons, groups, or organizations, who, in course of their work and duties, are demonstrative of excellence and illustrious in exemplary commitment to the support, advancement, and achievement of SIUC graduate and professional students, the mission of GPSC, and the mission of SIUC.

Outstanding Service Awards: recognize those persons, groups, or organizations whose contributions and efforts are exemplars of aspirational and ideal conduct, demonstrated consummate determination and commitment, excellence and achievement in practice, and resolution to the wellbeing, investment in, and success of graduate and professional students at SIUC which others may strive in their own efforts to serve the students of SIUC and the missions of GPSC and SIUC.

You may submit your nomination via the linked Google Form here: GPSC Service Award Nomination Submissions.

Nominations accepted through Sunday April 19, 2020. Award recipients will be honored in our Awards Ceremony Tuesday May 5, 2020 at GPSC’s end of year meeting at the Student Center Old Main Room 7:30pm.

GPSC’s Executive Board receives, reviews, and makes all determinations as to honorees for these awards. Nominations are:

  • open to all persons, groups, and/or organizations and may be nominated by any individual, group, or organization – self-nominations are allowed
  • those nominated or those nominating need not be a member of GPSC or a current or former student, faculty, or staff member of SIUC
  • nominations may specify which award (i.e. Distinguished v. Outstanding), however we may choose to award a nominee with an award other than that specified (e.g. a nomination for the “Outstanding Service Award,” but the Board determines the “Distinguished Service Award” better suits recognition for the nominee)
  • nominations should provide whatever materials are pertinent to support the nomination (space provided below and/or email to

If you have questions, please contact the Graduate and Professional Student Council at