GPSC Events

The Graduate and Professional Student Council is proud to sponsor The Organization Workshop presented by Kevin Purcell on Friday, March 27th in the Kaskaskia and Missouri Rooms of the SIUC Student Center.

Kevin Purcell is an SIUC graudate (1976) and was the Senior Director of Organization Development for Microsoft from 1993-2004. During that time, he led the design and delivery Executive and Management Development courses and strategic planning services for Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Kevin has conducted more than 75 workshops just like this for MSFT leaders around the world.

The Organization Workshop will help participants better SEE and UNDERSTAND human systems, as well as, identity leadership actions they can use that will increase their power in any organization. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in two organization simulations and apply their learning!

Participation slots are limited to 50 people. To reserve a slot please go the to link below:

For more information or questions regarding this event, please contact GPSC at **Please note that GPSC ask that participants be able to stay for the entire length of the 3-hour workshop (from 9am to NOON)**