Spring 2020 Meetings via Zoom

In response to the inability of our Council to meet in person and/or hold public meetings on the SIU Carbondale campus, the GPSC is convening and conducting regularly scheduled March and April 2020 Council meetings through the web-conferencing software “Zoom” — information on Zoom is available from SIUC’s Center for Teaching Excellence and on Zoom’s own website.

These Zoom meetings are simultaneously being streamed to GPSC’s YouTube account, where you may find recordings of all our past, current, and future Council meetings.

If you wish to participate (e.g. make an address from the floor as a public participant in the meeting, join the GPSC as a new Program Representative), you may contact one of our officers via email (gpsc@siu.edu) and will be provided the invitation link and permissions to join the meeting on Zoom.

2019 GPSC Annual Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday, April 30th 2019, Graduate and Professional Student Council held it’s Annual Awards Ceremony which honored students in areas of service, research, and teaching.

Three dedicated individuals were recognized with 2019 GPSC Service Awards. The Outstanding Service Award was presented to Brione Lockett. The Distinguished Service Awards were provided to Rachel Steiger and Dr. Juliane Wallace.

Five graduate students were the recipients of the 2019 GPSC Research Awards: Pearl Deku (Geography and Environmental Resources), Catarina Alves (Psychology), Xiao Li (History), Sou Lee (Criminology and Criminal Justice), and Jie Shi Liew (Geography and Environmental Resources).

GPSC also provided three Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) with the inaugural GPSC Outstanding Graduate Teaching Awards. GTAs for this award were directly nominated by an Undergraduate Student whom were positively impacted by their unique pedagogical practices. This year’s GPSC Outstanding Graduate Teaching Awards were proudly presented to Darren Valenta, Trisha Crawshaw, and Kosman Rajapaksha.

In addition, GPSC recognized the continuous support of graduate and professional students across the campus of SIUC whom served as council members of GPSC during the 2018-2019 academic year.

2019 GPSC Research Award

2019 Graduate and Professional Student Research Award


  • Awards up to $1,000 will be given to support graduate and professional student research completed during the 2019-2020 academic calendar year**
  • Awards can be used for travel to support your research, purchase equipment and supplies, or any combination thereof. (PLEASE NOTE: Travel to present your research will not be supported by this award).
  • Award applications will initially be vetted by an independent panel of graduate and professional students. Final decisions will be made by the GPSC Fee Allocation Board and the GPSC Research Award Committee.

Applications accepted NOW through FRIDAY, March 29th, 2019 at NOON

  • Applicants MUST submit a 1-2 page proposal through the online application form which summarizes the project and specifies how the research award will contribute to your their overall research.
  • Applicants MUST submit an itemized budget report through the online application form which details how they will use the requested funds.
  • Applicants MUST have a faculty member in their department write a thoughtful letter of support, ideally explaining why this research is vital to their education. Submit this letter through the online application form.
  • ALL attachments MUST be submitted in PDF format through the online application form.
  • ALL required documentation WILL ONLY be accepted electronically through the online application form. INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS will result in the application NOT being considered.

If you have questions, please contact GPSC at gpsc@siu.edu or the GPSC Research Award Committee Chair at dianah.mcgreehan@siu.edu

***Applicants must be enrolled graduate or professional students at SIUC when the support research is completed***

2018 GPSC Research Award Winners and Ceremony

This spring, GPSC received 92 submissions from graduate and professional students from SIUC, the SIUC Law School, and the SIUC Medical School. GPSC would like to thank all graduate and professional students for their outstanding research over past academic year. GPSC did select the following graduate and professional students to receive the 2018 GPSC Research Award:
Christine Breazeale
Christaine Baigent
Noor Kazim
Ali Mahdi
Lauren Stoelze
Yusaku Yajima
Deepak Hiremath
Kushal Rohilla
The 2018 GPSC Research Awards Ceremony will be held at 7 p.m. on May 1st, 2018 at the Hall of Presidents located on the first floor of Morris Library. Please join GPSC as we celebrate this year’s award recipients. Dr. Juliane P. Wallace, Interim Associate Dean/Director of the SIUC Graduate School, will be conducting the medal ceremony. This event is free and open to the public.

2018-2019 Officer and Graduate Council Election Results

The following graduate and professional students were elected to serve as officers for GPSC in the coming school year:

  • Clay Michael Awsumb, President
  • Dianah McGreehan, Vice President for Administrative Affairs
  • Lauran Schaefer, Vice President for Graduate School Affairs

The following students were chosen to serve as GPSC representatives to Graduate Council:

  • Jordan Maddox
  • Derrick McDowell
  • Emilia Russo
  • Rachel Steiger

Please welcome the new leadership team for GPSC!
(Press Release Statement from President-elect Awsumb may be found here)

Program Change Proposals – Update 4/3/2018

GPSC has updated its Program Change Proposal page with new Program Change Packets for the following:
School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
School of Human Sciences
School of Health Sciences

School of Earth Systems and Sustainability Revised 3-30-2018
School of Computing Revised 3-30-2018
School of Biological Sciences Revised 3-30-2018

GPSC has also provided the following RMEs for “administrative changes” to Colleges
Transfer of Academic Units in College of Science
College of Engineering renamed as College of Science, Technology, Transportation, Engineering, and Math
Renaming the College of Applied Arts and Sciences to the College of Health and Human Sciences
Finally, GPSC has also made available the following Faculty generated RME.
College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Academic Reorganization Update

The Graduate and Professional Student Council, in an attempt to provide up to date information on the proposed academic reorganization, has generated the following documents:
Compiled Academic Reorganization Proposal
Compiled Program Change Timeline
More information on Academic Reorganization and Program Changes can be found on the links listed below the “Academic Reorganization” tab on the menu above.
Further, in response to recent changes to the program change proposals as of 3/22/2018, GPSC has updated its page on program change proposals with the following information:
The College of Applied Sciences and Arts will be renamed to the College of Health Services and Human Science. As a consequence of this renaming, units that are not affiliated with health services and human science will be moved to new administrative units.
The College of Engineering will be renamed to the College of Science, Technology, Transportation, Engineering and Math. As a consequence of this renaming, the College STTEM will receive units from the College of Applied Sciences and Arts and the College of Science.
The College of Science will be eliminated and its academic units divided between the College of Agricultural Sciences, the College of STTEM, and the College of Liberal Arts.

Program Change Proposals

GPSC is in receipt of program change proposals in line with the academic reorganization proposed by the chancellor. These proposals are provided to affected departments under Article 9 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Faculty Association and Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.
Under Board of Trustees Policies 3.F.3, which designates GPSC as “the official organization designated to represent students in matters pertaining to student welfare, student activities, student participation in campus affairs, student participation in institutional planning and administration, and student opinion,” GPSC has posted the program change proposals on the GPSC website under our Academic Reorganization tab in the section titled “Program Change Proposals.”
The tab contains links to the text of the program change proposals as well as a description of the affected units and proposed changes to departments, which are now titled “divisions,” including the movement of degree programs between schools.
The Faculty Association summary of the program change proposals, and provisional comments, may be found on their website.

2018 Morris Library Journal Cancellations

Due to budget cuts and journal price inflation of 5-6%, Morris Library must complete journal cancellations for FY18 of $220,000. Titles were selected for cancellation based on low use and/or high cost per use, modified by factors such as citations from and articles by SIUC authors and JCR journal ranking. From January 2018, we will continue to have access to previously subscribed content from the cancelled journals. Access to new journal content from that date will be available via the Library’s Interlibrary Loan service. Access for some titles may also continue to be available via journal aggregator services such as EBSCO and JSTOR.
A complete listing of the cancellations and their associated field is below.
Continue reading “2018 Morris Library Journal Cancellations”