GPSC Responses

The Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC), as the official organization designated to represent graduate and professional students in matters pertaining to graduate and professional student welfare, activities, participation in campus affairs, participation in institutional planning and administration, and graduate and professional student opinion under Board of Trustees Policies 3.F.3, provides the following response to the “strawman” academic reorganization proposal:

GPSC Comprehensive Strawman Response

The linked document contains an introduction letter, a summary of the specific concerns of International Graduate Students, a summary of the general concerns of graduate and professional students, and the responses from graduate and professional student council representatives to date. Submissions may be provided to GPSC via e-mail at 

The following are individual responses received by GPSC from departmental representatives as of November 6th. GPSC will continue to update this list as more submissions are received, as well as the

comprehensive response, as submissions are received.
Association of English Graduate Instructors & Students
Anthropology Graduate Student Association
International Student Council (representing international graduate students)
Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Graduate Philosophy Union
School of Law
Student Communication Organization
Department of Plant Biology
Student Linguistics Association
Department of Zoology