Each academic unit shall have one voting representative for every 50 (or part thereof) graduate or professional students registered during the fall semester of the current academic year.

  • A verification of departmental student numbers must be provided to the GPSC at the beginning of each fall semester.
  • For full membership guidelines please see the GPSC Constitution.

All unit voting representatives shall be designated as the official representative from an academic unit as follows:

  • If a unit student organization exists, a letter from the student president of the unit student organization.
  • If not, signatures of 10 students (or 20% of total, if the total is less than 50 then rounded to lowest whole number) from the respective unit.

GPSC also has five at-large seats for representatives not affiliated with a department.  An individual shall be designated as an at-large representative as follows:

  • present a petition signed by 20 unclassified graduate students (containing the student’s name, signature, and e-mail), at or prior to the first meeting attended.

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