GPSC Officer & Staff Responsibilities


Chief executive of GPSC
Notifies representatives of meetings
Issues the agenda for each meeting
Fills all committee appointments
Responsible for Vice Presidents and office staff

Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Chief financial officer of GPSC
Certifies the credentials of all representatives
Chairs the GPSC meeting in the Presidents Absence
Maintains & records GPSC’s financial affairs
Appoints & chairs the Fee Allocation Board
Responsible for travel & event funding requests
Oversees the research award process

Vice President for Graduate School Affairs

Communicates with all areas of Academic Affairs
Member and the de facto chair of the GPSC Graduate Council Representatives
Researches and reports on issues as required by the President or the Council
Serves as a resource base for all graduate and professional students
Meets regularly with the Dean and Associate Deans of the Graduate School.

The responsibilities of the officers may not be delegated, but the execution of such duties may be delegated by the officers.