The Graduate and Professional Student Council solicits opinions from its constituency, discusses, and takes positions on such issues as graduate assistantships, fee increases, grievance procedures, campus safety and other matters of relevance to graduate students. The GPSC President and Executive Board communicate constituency concerns to the campus administration and the Board of Trustees. The Council also serves as a resource for graduate and professional students regarding various university services.

What does GPSC do for you?

  • Acts as an advocate for its constituents.
  • Allows the opportunity to engage in shared governance and decision-making.
  • Administers the portion of the Student Activity Fee paid by all graduate and professional students.
  • Reimbursement of certain professional development expenses.
  • Payment of specific event expenses.

How to become a GPSC member:

  • Be an enrolled graduate or professional (law and medicine) student
  • Be selected by the students in your academic department or professional school.
  • And/Or Serve on campus committees (fee unit advisory boards, policy task forces, etc.).
  • Fill one of the five at-large representative seats
Concerned Citizen, or Student?

If you would like to be added to GPSC’s mailings list which includes the agenda for the coming meeting, and possible resolutions that will be considered in the near future, please email us at gpsc@siu.edu!