Program Change Proposals

GPSC is in receipt of program change proposals in line with the academic reorganization proposed by the chancellor. These proposals are provided to affected departments under Article 9 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Faculty Association and Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Under Board of Trustees Policies 3.F.3, which designates GPSC as “the official organization designated to represent students in matters pertaining to student welfare, student activities, student participation in campus affairs, student participation in institutional planning and administration, and student opinion,” GPSC has posted the program change proposals on the GPSC website under our Academic Reorganization tab in the section titled “Program Change Proposals.”

The tab contains links to the text of the program change proposals as well as a description of the affected units and proposed changes to departments, which are now titled “divisions,” including the movement of degree programs between schools.

The Faculty Association summary of the program change proposals, and provisional comments, may be found on their website.