2019 GPSC Annual Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday, April 30th 2019, Graduate and Professional Student Council held it’s Annual Awards Ceremony which honored students in areas of service, research, and teaching.

Three dedicated individuals were recognized with 2019 GPSC Service Awards. The Outstanding Service Award was presented to Brione Lockett. The Distinguished Service Awards were provided to Rachel Steiger and Dr. Juliane Wallace.

Five graduate students were the recipients of the 2019 GPSC Research Awards: Pearl Deku (Geography and Environmental Resources), Catarina Alves (Psychology), Xiao Li (History), Sou Lee (Criminology and Criminal Justice), and Jie Shi Liew (Geography and Environmental Resources).

GPSC also provided three Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) with the inaugural GPSC Outstanding Graduate Teaching Awards. GTAs for this award were directly nominated by an Undergraduate Student whom were positively impacted by their unique pedagogical practices. This year’s GPSC Outstanding Graduate Teaching Awards were proudly presented to Darren Valenta, Trisha Crawshaw, and Kosman Rajapaksha.

In addition, GPSC recognized the continuous support of graduate and professional students across the campus of SIUC whom served as council members of GPSC during the 2018-2019 academic year.