GPSC Research Awards

As a service to the graduate and professional students we serve, the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) annually gives out research awards to deserving graduate and professional students to aid in their particular field of study. Awards can be used for travel to support research, to purchase equipment and supplies, or any combination thereof. Award applications are initially vetted by an independent panel of graduate and professional students. During the 2016 cycle, awards were given up to $1,000!

In the same period, 58 applications were submitted but only five were chosen to receive this award. Over the past few years, the applications for this award have greatly improved, making it difficult for panel members to decide who should receive aid from GPSC. Applicants must submit a one page proposal summarizing their project, an itemized budget detailing how award funds will be used, and include a letter of support from a faculty member in their department.