Academic Reorganization Resources

Below are documents generated by GPSC based on information gathered on reorganization proposals.

The first document is the currently proposed academic reorganization as of 11/17/2017, which has been made available on the website of the Chancellor. GPSC expects this document to be updated within the month.

The second document compiles all reorganization proposals available as of 1/29/2018, including those currently under discussion, into one master document.

The third document presents Campus, IBHE, and combined institutional timelines for program change proposals. The dates included in this document are as accurate based on information obtained by GPSC from the IBHE and the Board of Trustees. Relevant statutory information, where applicable, is included on each slide.

The following documents are resources generated by SIUC and other institutions concerning academic reorganization. This list is subject to update as GPSC obtains new information concerning reorganization. These documents, and others, are also listed below by subject.

SIUC Generated Reports

2005 Graduate Stipend and Benefits Task Force Report
2008 Campus Climate Survey: Final Report
2011 Campus Climate Lens Committee Report
2012 Recommendations of the Program Changes Review Committee
2013 Focused Visit Report In Response to the 2010 Comprehensive Evaluation Visit Report by the HLC
2013 Complimentary Practices and Academic Efficiencies Task Force Report
2013 Retention Assessment Report
2015 Graduate Enrollment and Recruitment Task Force Internal/Efficiency Factors Committee Survey Re: Factors in Graduate Enrollment
2015 Graduate Enrollment and Recruitment Task Force Domestic and Diversity Sub-Committee Report
2016 Non-Instructional Program Review Committee Final Report and Recommendations
2016 Final Report of the Joint Task Force on Academic Prioritization
2017 Financial Sustainability Plan
2017 HLC Criterion Outline