2017-2018 GPSC Officers Elected!!

The following graduate and professional students were elected to serve as officers for GPSC in the coming school year:

  • Johnathan Flowers, President
  • Dianah McGreehan, Vice President for Administrative Affairs
  • Clay Awsumb, Vice President for Graduate Affairs

The following students were chosen to serve as GPSC Representatives to The Graduate Council:

  • Sheena Hart
  • Jordan Maddox
  • Derrick McDowell
  • Lauran Schafer

Please welcome the new leadership team for GPSC!

GPSC Career Development Funds

As of today, May 10, GPSC will no longer accept Career Development Reimbursement Forms for the 2016-2017 school year! Unfortunately, we have depleted our allocated resources for this purpose. We will begin processing reimbursements again in the fall.